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Terms of use

1. The Company

The present website is directed by Damianos Filippidis, Vat. 048175544, and is a section of the business residing in Veria, Mitropoleos 12, Zip code:59100, license of use from EOT 09.35.E.6I.00.00300.0.0 by the distinctive tittle “FILIPPIDIS TRAVEL”.

2. General terms of Transactions

The use of ticket4all.gr website and of  its offered services, are governed by the General terms of Transactions, where the general information and the rights and obligation of both parties are mentioned. The General terms of Transactions are applied to all reservations, by phone electronic or in person to our company offices, and are an integral part of the contract which binds both parties.

By purchasing and reservation of an air ticket or of other offered services from ticket4all.gr, every user accepts the General terms of Transactions.

Ticket4all acts a mediator of services (air ticket, coastal ticket, hotel rental, car rental, organized trip etc.), which are offered by the named providers on the website. The user should also consult the General terms of Transactions of the relevant providers.

3. Reservation

Upon completion of the relevant fields of the special form of reservation  of the website, ie for a reservation that takes place through an internet gate as well as for every other reservation (by phone via the call center and reservations that take place in person to our company offices), the user should give an explicit mandate to ticket4all.gr to mediate for providing a travel service, which is provided by each provider, or any other service.  The reservation mandate binds the user in every occasion.
In the case of short term changes for any service on the part of the provider chosen by the user, for example in the case of delay or cancellation of the flight, change of car type etc., ticket4all.gr will attempt to contact the user by telephone or via email and inform relevantly the user, been informed on time by the provider. For transfers, delays and cancellations of flights or other travel services and products by the provider, ticket4all.gr bears  absolutely no responsibility.

    The user is responsible for compliance with the terms of each provider such as for example the terms set by each airline in relevance to the time of check in. The user is informed for those terms by the specific provider.

In the case of violation of the general terms of use of the website by the user, ticket4all.gr, reserves the right to completely discard mandates in relation to his/her reservation.

4. Prices

The prices and reservations fees of the offered services that are mentioned on the website correspond only to reservations which are handled through the website. Any service or mediation that takes place within ticket4all.gr headquarters will be priced according to the offers communicated by Filippidis Travel.

In terms of price changes and booking fees in the case of travel cancellation by the provider of the travel services, ticket4all.gr does not bear any responsibility. The compensation of ticket4all.gr as a mediator, is included in the total price of the offered service.

5. Methods of payment

For the booking of an air ticket through the website, possible ways of payment are either by credit card via the system and by calling the reservations department or by deposit to the bank accounts of Piraeus bank, Eurobank, Emporiki, Millenium bank or in person to our company offices , by credit card or cash.

Piraeus:      GR38 0172 2430 0052 4303 3936 921
Eurobank:  GR41 0260 2310 0000 8020 0303 891
Emporiki:   GR10 0120 5370 0000 0002 8443 340
Millenium: GR24 0380 6050 0000 0000 8752 182

Possible ways of payment appear on the website, during the process of an air ticket reservation.

For the booking of an air ticket by a low cost airline (e.g easy jet), the payment is possible only by credit card or by the company's credit card in the case that the customer wishes to make the reservation and the purchase of the ticket at our company's offices.

For hotel reservations as well as for the service of flights & hotels through the internet, payment is possible only by credit card.

For hotel reservations by telephone, payments by credit card are possible or by telephone by credit card or by deposit to the bank accounts of Piraeus, Eurobank, Emporiki, Millenium bank.

Piraeus:     GR38 0172 2430 0052 4303 3936 921
Eurobank: GR41 0260 2310 0000 8020 0303 891
Emporiki:   GR10 0120 5370 0000 0002 8443 340
Millenium: GR24 0380 6050 0000 0000 8752 182

For the reservation of coastal tickets through the internet, only payments by credit card are possible. For phone reservations, payment by deposit to the bank accounts of Piraeus, Eurobank, Emporiki, Millenium bank is also possible, or payment at our company offices.

Piraeus:      GR38 0172 2430 0052 4303 3936 921
Eurobank:  GR41 0260 2310 0000 8020 0303 891
Emporiki:   GR10 0120 5370 0000 0002 8443 340
Millenium: GR24 0380 6050 0000 0000 8752 182

There is no possibility of payment by another person's credit card.

Ticket4all.gr is not obliged to transfer tickets or other travel documents prior to payment.

The user may be requested to provide evidence in relation to his/her address of residence or a copy of his/her credit card or a receipt of deposit of his/her bank account, prior to the final issue of the ticket.

6. Confirmation of reservation

In case of reservation – purchase of a touristic service through the website of ticket4all.gr, the user should receive a confirmation for the reservation- purchase, via email and is obliged to check the accuracy of the confirmation details and inform as soon as possible and inside the same calendar day, ticket4all.gr for any deviations or mistakes, in relevance to the original reservation that was registered. The late reporting of mistakes and deviations does not create a right of withdrawal from the contract under any circumstances.

7. Shipment of tickets

The air tickets are shipped to the user as electronic tickets (eticket) via electronic mail (email).

The reservation and the ticket are inside the system of the airline. After the issue of the ticket, the user receives a second email where the number of electronic ticket is mentioned and he/she should print it in order to have it with him at the airport during the check in.

In case that the number of the ticket is included in the initial email, the customer does not receive any other confirmation.

The name of the user inside the reservation system, should  match the name of the identity card.

The coastal tickets, either domestic or international, are shipped to the customer via courier with charge. The customer could also pick up the ticket from our company offices.

In case of reservations for car rentals and hotel reservations, the customer should receive a voucher and the respective code of their reservation in their electronic address. In case of organized travels the customer should receive all relevant briefing documents through their electronic address.

8. Travel Documents

Ticket4all.gr bears absolutely no responsibility in regard to the travel documents (passports, visa, etc.) that the customer is obliged to hold during the travel.

The customers, and especially seniors, person with health or mobility problems, and pregnant women, should consult their doctor and  inform relatively the travel agency, as well as to provide a medical certification, which is also required by the carrier and the rest of the service providers, in which it is certified that they are in position to travel without risk. In the opposite case, they should undertake the relevant responsibility themselves, by solemn statement. Due to medical personal data of each customer, the customer undertakes the responsibility to address the relevant health competent authorities.

It is the passenger's obligation to ensure the required passenger documents.

9. Cancellations- Changes

The possibility of change or cancellation of an air ticket or coastal ticket, of a trip or other product or service as well as the terms which govern such a change or cancellation, are subject to the terms that are set by each provider in these cases, upon which ticket4all.gr has no influence.

Costs that may be raised due to a change or cancellation of a travel service, which are determined by the terms of each provider, are solely borne by the customer. Failure to ensure the timely issuance or verification of your travel documents does not justify the cancellation of your participation to the travel without the charge that is mentioned below.

In case that the provider himself provides the right of cancellation or change of the selected product or service, the user is obliged to inform in written ticket4all.gr if he wishes a cancellation or change, otherwise ticket4all.gr will not cancel or modify the reservation.

Prior to any reservation, the user is obliged to read and agree with the regulations of fares and constrains.

In the case that the user purchases a ticket with return or of multiple routes and wishes not to carry out successively the parts of his ticket, he is obliged to contact ticket4all.gr and be informed if this is feasible, since each airline has a different policy for such cases. This means that if a passenger is considered by the airline as non show to the 10th for use part, maybe all the rest parts of his ticket will be canceled.
The use of the rest of the ticket with extra charge may also be permitted, subject to each case.

In case that the user makes a reservation and  change or cancellation of the trip arises, ticket4all.gr changes or cancels the reservations at no extra charge. Since the ticket or the voucher has been issued and a change or cancellation of the trip arises, ticket4all.gr changes or cancels according to the terms of the provider. The charges are the same with those that apply to all travel agencies and are subject to the time of cancellation.

Except for the potential terms of cancellation – change of each fare or of the airline, the charge of ticket4all.gr (service fee) is determined according to below:

    1. Change of fare domestic or international: 15 euro/ticket
    2. Cancellation of fare domestic or international: 15 euro/ticket

For change- cancellation of a travel package, hotel and of any other service, the customer is to be advised by ticket4all.gr before proceeding to any other action.

The service fees for the change- cancellation of any service are according to the market trends.

The commission paid on purchase of a certain service is not returned in case of cancellation.

In case of cancellation with fault of the provider, no cancellation fees are charged and ticket4all.gr does not impose any extra cost of service.

10. Exclusion of responsibility

Ticket4all.gr bears absolutely no responsibility for:

Non availability of each service or product

Mistakes, omissions, violations or refusals of each provider

Injury, death, destruction of property or other damage that could arise from the services of each provider

Delays, cancellations, overbooking, strike, force majeure that are not under its direct control

Policy for Personal data protection of links of third party websites

Information which are provided and published by each provider for the offered services.

11. User responsibility

For the protection of the specific website, the user guarantees that he is over 18 years old and undertakes the responsibility for any use of the website on his part.

The user should and is obliged to use the website according to current law and following the written terms of use.

The use of the website with deceptive purposes, for profit or with purposes that could cause dysfunction to the providing of its services is forbidden.

Any non legal transaction in the use of the website would result to the exclusion of the user from accessing its offered services.

12. Copyright

The content of this specific website is exclusively property of Filippidis Travel.

Any copy, distribution, convey, transformation, resale, creation of labor production or misguidance of the public in relation to the actual provider of the content of the website is forbidden.

13. Modification- Renewal of the General Terms of Transactions

Ticket4all.gr reserves the right to modify or to renew the above mentioned terms of transactions in regard to the use of this website, at any time with future validity without an obligation to inform the user arising.

14. Settlement of disputes

Ticket4all.gr and the customer are bind to solve in good faith any dispute that may arise during the implementation of the latter. If the friendly settlement of the dispute is not possible, the courts of Veria are competent for the settlement of the dispute.



























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